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Photo gallery
About the project

Photo gallery
Photography is a way to keep track of what we saw during our trips. Snow mountains and red rocks, deserts and primeval forests, glaciers and waterfalls, old castles and cities, oceans and wildlife...     

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Bhutan (Part 4) Bhutan (Part 3) Bhutan (Part 2)
Bhutan (Part 1)        


    The Unated States of America... Vast country with all climatic zones and any type of terrains. Excellent roads lead to the best in the world national parks. A room in the roadside motel looks like 34* in Europe, hotels are cheap, rent-a-car costs nothing but cars are large. Gas is cheap like in Russia, and unlimited mileage everywhere everything for your travel!

Southwest, 19972003 Northwest, 2001 Alaska, 2003
Olympic NP, 2003 Northwest, 2004 (Part 1) Northwest, 2004 (Part 2)


    Europe is situated so close to us that we usually prefer to fly for 23 days only to selected city. A long trip to Europe by car from Moscow is a challenge for us. It is too close, we can visit it any time, so we leave aside, it is a pity...

Norway  England, 2001 Spain, 2003 Spain, 2004
Italy, 2004        


    Our first visit to real Asia was to Japan... The country of the absolutely another culture with long history and impressive nature. The next Asian destination was Bhutan small kingdom between India and China.

Bhutan (Part 1) Bhutan (Part 2) Bhutan (Part 3)
Bhutan (Part 4) Japan, 2006 (Part 1) Japan, 2006 (Part 2)
Japan, 2006 (Part 3)        

   Distant voyages

    Cape Horn, Strait of Magellan, Antarctica, Cape of Good Hope, Bering Strait... Our childhood dreams inspired by the books about great travels...

 Antarctica  Chile, 2001 South Africa, 2002 Chukotka, 2003

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