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    26/10/2006 17:55:06
    Reese Lukei
    Virginia - USA

      My wife, Melinda, and I traveled onboard the icebreaker Yamal with Nikolay and Yulia to the North Pole and enjoyed them and sharing their travels, especially to the USA. They have done an excellent job of depicting our North Pole venture in both their photos and written description. I am sure others will also enjoy sharing their view of our journey.

    14/8/2005 22:04:36
    Barry Cahill & Delene St. Clair (http://www.CahillandDelene.com)
    USA, Valley Center

      Hello Yulia and Nikolay!

      Your site is has many beautiful photos! I didn't know you were in the travel-tourist business! That is good to know. We wish you the best in your travel endevours!

      Every Good Wish to you!

      Cahill & Delene

      Hello Cahill and Delene!

      Thank you for taking the time to look at our site. We aren't in touristic business, we just like to travel.

      Best wishes,

      Yulia and Nikolay

    22/2/2005 01:41:49
    Nina Ludwig (http://www.ninaludwig.co.uk)
    London, UK

      Realy enjoyed looking around this travelogue, some excellent photos, I just wish I understood more Russian! :)

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